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Bikinis, Thongs, Short shorts, G-strings, Male firm designs, Pouch only micro swimsuits, men's spandex tights, spandex fetish fun and sex wear and so much more.

Men's swimwear is one of my favorite subjects. I love wearing sexy bikinis, thongs and G-strings to the beach. I workout in skin tight little spandex short shorts. I love the feel and look of spandex swimwear designs. The men's bikini thong site is set up to help you find the perfect swimsuit for your body. The days of wearing ugly board shorts is coming to an end and Speedos are no longer the only option in fact men now have just as many options as the ladies do and maybe more. You can wear the smallest pouch only swimsuit that just barely covers your equipment while still keeping you legal on non-nude beaches. You can wear short shorts with male form (penis shaped) front pouches and rears that show off just enough ass to be sassy. Men's bikini thong will show you the amazing options there are for you. Want to go feminine? there are male to female transformation swimsuits, want to show the largest possible bulge there are swimwear designs that enhance the bulge. There is an entire new world of men's swimwear fashions and they are becoming the most popular designs on the hippest beaches world wide. Let us show you a new world of swimwear fashion.